What is "Elder Mediation"?

What does that term really mean, and does it have a legitimate claim on impacting a reduction in the incidence of elder abuse and neglect?

Elder Mediation is a process in which a professionally trained Elder Mediator utilizes a “mediation process model” to address issues and concerns involving an older adult. In some cases, an older adult who is vulnerable may be at the heart of the mediation but in other cases the mediation might be called to reduce or prevent vulnerability of the older person.

Elder Mediation is based on a wellness model that promotes a person-centred approach for all participants; it is mindful of the older person(s) while respecting the rights of each person participating. Regardless of the numbers present, each person is unique with his or her own narrative, intrinsic value, strengths and weaknesses. Through the Elder Mediation lens, aging is viewed as part of a continuing process of development and change, rather than just a period of physical and cognitive decline.

What to expect in the course...

This Elder Mediation Training is a specialized course with 20-hours of training that includes, lectures, interviews, activities, role plays, video demonstrations and readings. Utilizing a person-centered and trauma informed model, the course will share with participants the skills, knowledge and competencies required to be an effective Elder Mediator. An added value in this course is the inclusion of an individual coaching session with the Course Instructor.

Note: The current offering is Section One of ongoing training for those working toward building their Elder Mediation certification hours with either Family Mediation Canada or the Elder Mediation International Network.

Topics will include:

• Impact of Ageism in all its forms; “isms” generally

• Cultural diversity & building cultural awareness 

• Recognizing & Responding to Elder Abuse & Neglect

• Screening – indicators, signs and symptoms

• Safety planning & referral sources

• Ongoing Balance of Power,

Building/maintaining trust;

• Addressing subtleties of control; inclusive language

• Ethics and ethical issues weaved throughout

• Elder Mediation Practice guidelines

• Elder Mediator competency & basic understanding of brain health

Impact of trauma and high conflict personality types

Who should attend: Those wishing to learn about Elder Mediation, Family, wills and estate mediators; Psychologists, Physicians, nurses and other health care professionals, Social Workers, Lawyers practicing in the area of elder law, wills, estates and trusts. This training may also be of interest to other professions who are interested in mediation generally and in working with age related matters.

Meet Your Instructor...

Judy M. Beranger, Cert.EM Advanced

Judy is recognized as a world leader in the field of Elder Mediation. She is an inspiring and knowledgeable trainer and was the drafter of the Code of Ethics for Elder Mediators internationally. She has been involved with every subsequent update and helped write an additional supporting document: Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults. Judy developed the entire Elder MediationCertification framework and process for Elder Mediators and did so over a two-year period with input from hundreds of people from a variety of countries along with Family Mediation Canada (FMC), other organizations, networks, and Societies. Judy is President of FMC and a Past President of the Elder Mediation International Network (EMIN).

With special guest contributions from:

Lorenzo De Franco, Ontario

Sabby Duthie, Ontario

Julie Castree, Australia

Marie Claire Chartrand, Nova Scotia

Elise Lavigne Q.C., Alberta

Alvina Snell, British Columbia

Helen Hirsh Spence, Ontario

Margaret Boucher, Ireland

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